How do you organize your files? Are your contacts syncing with your iPhone and are there duplicates? How are you creating, managing, and remembering passwords? These are some of the conversations we will have in 2017.

This year, I want to have regular conversations with clients about popular issues that I think most people are facing. In many cases, these are topics I think people are wondering about but have not thought to ask. Or, you might already have one system that you think works well and you have not considered an alternative that might be even better.

Let’s discuss your computing behaviors and identify the actions that make you productive and those that stand in your way. It’s okay to notice things that are annoying or frustrating. After we discover what bugs you, I can introduce and discuss some new approaches that could improve your experience.

If I have had you as a client in the past, you may hear from me during January to check up on your devices, offer to assess your hardware and software, and make recommendations on upgrades that will increase its longevity and your productivity. I am also reaching out to initiate a series of conversations so I can keep you working smoothly throughout the year.

By the end of the month, I will have a more thorough list of topics. If you don’t hear from me first, please consider perusing the list and reaching out if you’re curious about something in particular. I am also generating content for a knowledge base with free support documents and resources for you. More on that soon.