Frequently Asked Questions

I believe that by choosing hardware that consumes less energy, focusing on efficient practices, and developing tech savvy, one can compute more sustainably. My coaching style gives you the space you need to learn the language of your devices, make better use of technology, and live more green.

Additionally, I help you improve your digital engagement with other people and can provide insight on ways to accommodate others’ technology preferences. Finally, I set an example for how to live with a small environmental footprint.

You’re not alone in facing frustrating computer experiences, confusing messages, and various other annoyances. Confidence often comes through learning a new language, appreciating the design of a system, and asking effective questions.

Clients appreciate my patient, inquisitive approach, ability to meet them where they are, and that I provide the tools so they can learn to help themselves.

Let’s talk. I have broad experience with navigating and interacting with products, services, apps, and websites. I’m an Apple person and I don’t do Windows, unless you need help syncing with iTunes or switching to a Mac.

Otherwise, even if I’m not already familiar with your specific thing, I will likely pick it up quickly enough to help you get to know the ins and outs or just learn what you need. I also understand the language and design most creators use and can translate this into more familiar words and concepts.

Yes. I have customers who are or have been entrepreneurs, millennials, parents, executives, seniors, and others. Among them are home users, small business employees, solo practitioners, nonprofit organizations. Most of my work is one-on-one with individuals, even in the context of a business, however I also work independently for some repairs, upgrades, and computer migrations.

I am based in South Berkeley and like to meet in person where feasible. I think it’s important to serve you in your native habitat as much as possible.

I get around almost exclusively by bicycle and mostly visit clients in the East Bay Flats from El Cerrito to Lake Merritt. I also make coordinated trips to the Berkeley Hills. If you’re mobile, I welcome you to visit me.

For folks farther away, including around the world, or even around the corner, I offer remote support and coaching via Zoom video meetings with screen sharing. I can also talk you through a lot of questions by phone or provide usable instructions by email or text message.

I am a resource to many people on many different schedules. My calendar is highly flexible and I will try to fit you in. Ideally, contact me a week in advance to schedule a visit. Also, I bike almost exclusively and my availability may be constrained by this choice. Let’s talk so we can find a time and place that works for both of us.

Whether you need quick, immediate help with an issue or build up a list of questions to ask during a longer session, I’m happy to work with you.

If you’re starting or running a business, I can save you time and money resolving your time-sensitive issues so you can meet the needs of your customers. If you’re just trying to stay in the game with technology as you pursue another passion, I can help you build confidence among your devices and applications so these tools get out of the way as you focus on what’s important.

I recommend you arrive at a session with a list of known issues, questions, and curiosities. I’m excited to jump into any challenge you present and we can go in whatever order you like. Or, I can help identify items that require more or less time to address or practice.

During our time together, I’ll take notes on our discussion. This supports me in reviewing our experience, recapping it by email afterward, identifying homework (if any), and following up with you about your progress.

Feel free to take written notes, record audio, or use another mechanism to remembering what happens. I’m also happy to help you formulate your notes so they make sense to you later, especially in detailing step-by-step instructions.

If you ask me this by email, my first response will usually be, “I prefer to discuss rates in person or by phone.” I’m going to stick with that response here, too. My rates are reasonable. I’m also afraid you might get turned off before asking me if there’s any flexibility or sharing what’s reasonable for you.

I offer to help you resolve issues big and small to make your computing experience more comfortable, efficient, and/or flexible. There is significant value in my services and I’ll even invite you to experience your first session before deciding what rate to pay. Please reach out if you have any concerns.

Sometimes, it seems that way. You have a set of tools that should serve your needs but there’s some misalignment with your unique needs, preferences, and expectations of how technology should work for you.

I listen to your issues and questions, erase frustrations, help you become better acquainted with your tech. I also enable you to get along better with others in your life who may behave differently with technology or have contrary views and practices.