One way to find out how much screen time you have used is to use Screen Time, a feature starting in iOS 12. Naturally, it requires spending more time looking at your screen to learn how you’re using your device.

Screen Time

In Settings, go to Screen Time to see how you’ve been using your iOS device(s). You can see where my priorities are, as well as how Apple misclassifies Air Video HD as Creativity when for me it’s Entertainment.

However, this doesn’t capture Mac screen time. Maybe in a future version.

Set Limits

You can use Screen Time to set downtime, limit your usage of specific apps, and block inappropriate content. You can also track time across multiple devices, like an iPhone and an iPad, and use it to manage devices among family members if you’re in an iCloud Family.

Beyond Apple

To control usage of all your family’s devices, even those outside the Apple ecosystem, consider Circle.

This device attaches to your home network and enables you to limit usage of any device that connects to the Internet on your home wireless network or, with a subscription fee, anywhere in the world.

Or, you could simply generate your own awareness of the apps you think you use most and chat with me about ways to use them more efficiently, or less, or not at all.

(I can also help you set up any of the above options, if you want to go that direction.)