How do you respond to messages that the cloud is full? Can you even believe in the possibility? Fight or flight?

Pie in the Sky

A friend once told me he could read the clouds and know when a storm was brewing. I believed him because he was spot on the first time. How gullible was I!

This might work in the desert when the clouds are wispy like streaks of icing on a cake but not when they more resemble the crust on a pie. So, accept insight about cloud management with a grain of salt. Any more and you might cause a shower.

Laying Low

Most of my clients are quick to click Later when iCloud wants them to verify their password. Little do they know that resolving the issue right away will prevent the annoying dialog from coming back so soon.

Likewise, instead of trying to ignore climate chaos, it’s probably better to contact an expert and find out what choices you have.

Storage Shortage

Are you legitimately getting a message that you’re out of space and need to pay for more? You might be doing it wrong.

Start managing the cloud in style. Give me a call so I can help you back on the path.

Don’t be fooled by everything you read today. Some of it might be good advice.