For all the amazing benefits of our technology, there are a handful of super annoying features that threaten to drive us insane. Fortunately, they have settings that resolve their annoyance so we can have ease and peace.

Ask to Join Wireless Networks

Have you seen a dialog like this when you’re busy trying to use your iPhone? How quickly do you tap cancel just so it won’t bug you?

You might prefer to select a wireless network only when you know it exists and you know the password, like when you’re at a friend’s house and want to conserve your data plan, or you’re visiting me and I’m helping you get your devices in sync.

To disable this annoying message, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and turn off Ask to Join Networks.

Preserve Camera Settings

How often do you take Live Photos? Intentionally? Do you even know what a Live Photo is? You might be taking them without knowing or find yourself regularly turning this mode off.

Save yourself the headache. Go to Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings and enable Live Photo. Confused? Read the description of the setting:

Preserve the Live Photo setting, rather than automatically reset to Live Photo turned on. That means the next time you turn Live Photo off, it will stay off.

Archive vs. Delete

When you’re done with an email, do you prefer to archive or delete? When you set up some email accounts on iPhone, especially Gmail, the default action when discarding a message is to archive it.

This may send a message to a separate “Archive” mailbox but, in Gmail’s case, the message might instead end up lost among your myriad emails with no easy way to discover it again.

If you prefer to delete, go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts, choose an account, tap the email address, tap Advanced, and choose to Move Discarded Messages Into: Deleted Mailbox. Then go back to the Account and tap Done.

What other annoyances do you experience on your devices? Pay attention to your momentary frustration. I may be able to set you at ease with a setting you didn’t know existed.