What do you do when a message appears on the screen saying there’s a problem with your Mac? What about when you get an email asking you to verify your account? If you did not just initiate this request, it’s probably a fake. Read on for more tips…

These Are Scams!

While visiting websites, you might get a message on the screen like the one above. Don’t do it! Resist the urge to believe it. You probably will become infected with malware if you do. Instead, just close the website and move on.

Don’t Call! Don’t Pay

Some scams appear as a separate window that may only have an OK button. First, do not call the number. Second, don’t even click OK. Instead Force Quit your browser.

Go to the Apple menu and choose Force Quit, or press Command+Option+Esc, and click Force Quit twice. Then, reopen your browser and continue where you left off.

What Apple Doesn’t Do Can Hurt You

Your web browser is protected from knowing whether there is a problem with your Mac. There are a number of red flags in these scam messages and I’m happy to explain them to you if you’re curious.

Apple does not send these warnings to you. Apple does offer a very helpful support document with tips for avoiding such scams as well as what to do if you do receive such a message.