What’s your go-to solution for cleaning the outer surfaces of your Mac?

No Spray Bottles

Skip the sprays as liquid might seep into a nook or cranny of your Mac where you don’t want it, especially if the computer is on.

Apple recommends shutting down and unplugging, but I generally feel safe doing most cleaning while a Mac is powered on.

Simple Cloth

Start with a lint-free microfiber cloth. Think eyeglass cleaning cloth. Your Mac might even have come with one.

Water & Wipe

That’s right. No fancy chemicals here. Just plain water. I always have my water bottle handy. Hold the cloth in your hand, sprinkle some water on it, and squeeze so the water is absorbed and doesn’t bead off.

When cleaning your Mac’s display, I recommend turning it off so you can see the grime. You can press Shift+Control+Eject/Power to put the display to sleep.

For the display or keyboard, you’ll want to be somewhat gentle to avoid breakage though firm enough to remove the dirt. For other surfaces, you can go at it with more strength.

Apple offers this support page with additional suggestions for effectively cleaning your Mac.