Deborah had me over yesterday afternoon for a last-minute scheduled session, a followup to our first session last October. In short time, we covered a number of issues. Resolving trouble with Google chat users seeing her video feed, we followed Google’s suggestion to enable the video enhancements lab in Gmail settings and that instantly fixed it. I couldn’t find the equivalent setting in Google+.

We finished setting up her AT&T 3G MicroCell, which at some point was set up before but we had never completed the AT&T account setup process. We installed Microsoft Office so she can more smoothly interact with her work documents, got her connected to her office VPN, and started the download for Lion, which she’s hopefully installed by now.

I also addressed her curiosities about moving her Mac for the summer and returning it home afterward, as well as connectivity issues at home. I think the latter are due to the locations of her AirPort Extreme base station and Linksys wireless extender devices, causing confusion for computers in certain locations in the house. She will experiment with different areas for the extender, knowing that she doesn’t have to set up anything anew each time.

Ninety minutes raced by with this productive session. On my way home, I managed to catch the last seven minutes of the Berkeley farmers market to pick up some goodies for my week and for tonight’s party. Then I went to vote and finally headed home. My previous client had finally made it back to pick up her Mac and leave payment. I’m looking forward to a session this afternoon with Jenni before visiting an open house and coming home for the party.