iPhone has a setting that can announce callers. There are a few simple choices to ensure you hear announcements in the desired context(s).

Phone Settings

Visit Phone Settings on your iPhone. You’ll find Announce Calls at the top of the Calls section. Proper announcements require that caller names and numbers are stored in your contacts.

Three Choices

You can choose to have your phone announce calls in a few contexts. If like Jason you mostly talk through headphones you wear much of the time, Headphones Only might be enough for you.

In the car, you might want callers announced so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road when the phone rings. Or, you might just want incoming calls always announced, as I do whether I’m on my bike or sitting at my desk.

Did You Say Bike?

That’s right! I can safely answer calls while biking—or enjoy music, podcasts, etc. My Coros helmet has bone conduction speakers and a microphone so I can also hear the world around and be safe on the road.

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