Feeling like I need more clients and more ways to spend my days, I started working on some new marketing of my business this week. I posted an ad on Craigslist and started an ad campaign on LinkedIn, funded with a $50 coupon LinkedIn sent me recently.

I’d love your feedback on my ads so far. They’ve made over a thousand impressions in the last day or two but haven’t received any clicks yet, so I’m thinking they need some improvement. Bear in mind that I’m limited to 25-character headlines and 75-character bodies. Clicking an ad leads viewers to this website.

I’m starting to think I need to use smaller words. I’ve often sought to use words that promote ease in understanding, much as I’ve helped many others to simplify their messages. Do I need to ask more questions, give more information about who I can help or how much I charge, or inspire more curiosity with shorter phrases? Likewise, do I need new or different information on this site?

Please take a look at the six ads below and help me improve them in the comments.

1. Mac Users: Get a Coach!
Move toward sustainable computing with confidence, productivity, and smiles

2. Learn a New Mac Shortcut
Use a new application or operating system or improve your experience

3. Need a Network Overhaul?
Achieve new connections between devices and information.

4. Put Me Out of a Job
Learn to troubleshoot your systems with my patient, user-centric approach

5. Become a Happier Mac User
Let’s go at your pace and together we’ll learn from the experience

6. Do More With Your iPhone
Realize how intuitive your iPhone is — Use it with ease and with a smile